Month: January 2018



According to the National Autistic Society it supports the plan for GPs in England to keep a register of patients with autism to improve care, and help tailor services for them. GPs in England are already keeping a register of patients with learning disabilities and NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) recommends that patients affected with Autism need a register too. The advantages are that staff and GPs would be able to adapt and identify their approach to suit patients’ needs. Autistic people and children are affected by sensory over-load such as crowded offices, noisy environments and brightly lit rooms. The advantage of a register of Autistic patients would allow the GPs and medical staff to accommodate patient’s needs by having them come to appointments at times of the day that are least busy, offering quiet side rooms for waiting, and reducing sensory over-load by turning down lights and explaining information in a way that would suit the needs of the patient. Other advantages to having a register of Autistic patients would allow the GP Practice to gain an insight into the needs of the population and how best to better support them. Looking at the specific needs of this community allows GP and other medical professionals to better plan care, and provide services that best meet the needs of this population. This guidance that has come from NICE to promote the development of an Autism Register will need to be approved by NHS England before it is rolled out in GP surgeries in England.