GP – The Role In Mental Health

Seeking Help?

When your loved one is experiencing a mental health crisis you first point of contact would be the GP where they refer you to outpatient mental health support. However, it appears that GP’s don’t always have the exposure or expertise in diagnosing mental health symptoms in ASD adults. In a ten minute appointment, it is difficult for a GP to carry out a detailed assessment. It is therefore important to ask for a longer appointment, at the least busy time of the day to reduce anxiety for the patient. Write down the symptoms that you are observing and what your concerns are for your family member. Ask for a referral, and also ask what is the plan if your loved one goes into a mental health crisis at home. Be aware that many anti-depressants can take up to 4 weeks to become effective. If you are put on a wait-list for outpatient mental health services, and it is taking too long be sure to file a complaint with the local NHS system. Inquire, and find out local private psychiatrists in your area who may be able to see your family member sooner.