May 2017 – Autistic Adults In Crisis

Month: May 2017

Tories Cut Disability Benefits

An article on the Mirror website talks about the cuts the Government have made to the Personal Independence Payments fund, which is designed to help disabled people live independently and replaces the Disability Living Allowance. Figures show that 44% of people who were previously receiving the Disability Living Allowance have either been given the Personal Independence Payments at a lower…

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Autism In Women ‘Significantly Under-diagnosed’

Autism has traditionally been a condition associated with men and this BBC article highlights the problem with under-diagnosis of autism in women. The National Autistic Society has been campaigning for change and improvement in the diagnosis of autism, particularly in women, and with recent evidence pointing to the fact that more girls and women have autism than previously thought, we…

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Care In Mental Health Hospitals

The National Autistic Society have launched a campaign calling for the NHS to adopt their “Always Charter”. The Always Charter relates to the rights of young people in inpatient units and their families, concerning such things as being cared for by appropriate professionals and being as close to home as possible. We believe the Always Charter is very important, because…

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The Disability Employment Gap

The Disability Employment Gap is the gap between the percentage of non-disabled people who are employed (around 80%) and the percentage of disabled people who are employed (around 48%). The government aims to halve this gap and the Work and Pensions Select Committee have recently published a report investigating the Government’s aims. There is a very interesting article on The…

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